Photo 1

Assignments and Due Dates

SHOOT! (3 photos due 2/7/08)

-take 3 good photos of ANYTHING using a digital camera


Exploring Photographs

-Boxing Gym
-Egypts attempt to secure the border
-Robert Capas Lost Negatives
-Democratic Primary in SC
-Global Markets Plunge
-Racing in Bahrain
-This is Football

Video: American Photography: A Century of Images


PhotoShop Skills:
Selection & Transformation Tools

-Basics: selection & transformation tools
-Intermediate: adjustment, fixing, & manipulation tools
-Assignment Examples
-Skills Assignment #1


Photographers Make Choices

Physical Choices
-ACTIVE CHOICES (Points of View)

Content Choices
-Artists Make Choices
-Analyzing Choices Worksheets
-What is inside the frame, what is outside the frame

Ethical Choices
-video about Marc Halevi & discussion (TAL TV )

Photoshop Skills:
Fixing Tools

Skills Assignment #2
-Choose two animals with very different "coverings" (fur/skin/scales/feathers/etc)
-Use the "fixing" tools to blend one animal into another.
-make it look real!


Even More Choices

-The Photo Commandments

Light and Shadows

-Assignment (2 photos due 2/26/08)
-From Color to B&W
-Tone and Value in Photograph
-Contrast and Exposure in Prints
-Judging a Test Strip
----skills exercise: take 2 color photos, and convert them B&W, adjusting levels and curves
-Critique: Learning to Look


Photoshop Skills:
Dreamscapes (Layers)

Skills Assignment #3
-Use photoshop to create a dream-like atmosphere
-use at least 3 layers
-Linda Plaistad's work: landscapes and black birds


Intro to Using a Digital Camera



Camera Controls
(Shutter Speed, Aperture
, White Balance, Exposure, Macro)

-Shutter, Aperture, and Focal Length Explantion
-Assignment (4 photos due 3/11/08)
Video: American Photography: Century of Images 2


Other Art Appreciation Activities

-Video: Great Museums, MoMA
-Assignment: Cindy Sherman's show at MoMA


Photoshop Skills:
Colorize a Black & White Photo

Skills Assignment #4
-take a b&w version of one of the photos YOU have taken this semester
-use the paintbrush tools to "colorize" your photos by painting on new layer and changing the layer's blending option to MULTIPLY, OVERLAY, or COLOR. Change the layer opacity if needed.
-use several colors per object to avoid a "flat" look.
- Skin tone will have several pinks, tans, and browns mixed together.
-examples (historical and photoshop)


Photoshop Skills:
Color Correction (Adjustment Tools)

Skills Assignment #5

-Color correct 4 images


-Assignment (6 photos due 3/25/08)


-Word doc illustrating all 6 of the elements of design from this project (no repeats) using photos from PHOTOEYE and BLINDSPOT


Photoshop Skills:
Photoshop Makeovers

Skills Assignment #6
-Photoshop Makeover - video 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
-Glenn Feron - 1, 2, 3, 4
-do a makeover on a photo that YOU take of someone
------cloning & healing tools
------burning & dodging
------color correction
------liquify tool
------layers and gaussian blur tools


-Assignment (2 photos due 4/4/08)
-Same Celebrity, Different Look
-Posing Models to Express Personality
-Documentary: Richard Avedon
-Video and Discussion: David La Chapelle


Extra Credit Opportunity

-For extra credit, please take photos in both our towns to potentially be used on the school district's new web site. Photographs should be of things and landscapes that strongly represent our two towns. Your photographs should have correct white balance, exposure, levels, and should be in focus.

Powerpoint Presentations:
Photo History

-Assignment (for D block only)
-You will be doing a quick presentation before or right after Thanksgiving. The presentation will only be a 3-5 minutes and you will have a week to work on it.
-A and C block: joint project with French classes


Color Photography

-Assignment (3 photos due 4/28/07)
-Color Schemes/Theory
-How much color affects mood
-TURN IN: Creative Color Wheel

Photoshop Skills:
(All Skills)

Skills Assignment #7
-Take "passport" style photos of 4 or 5 of your friends.
-Use the selecting tools, cutting and pasting, fixing tools, and color correction to combine features of each person into one face.
-Hint: take all the photos in similar flat lighting and similar distance.
-Hint: use layer masks so that you can make changes later. put each face on a different layer.
-Hint: check "use all layers" in the option bar when using the cloning tool.

-Take Fake or Foto Quiz
-Photographic Truth in the Digital Era article


-Assignment (2 photos due 5/9/08)
-Plain Vs. Glorified
-Aesthetic Discussion Questions in class
----Is it Art?
-TURN IN: Half Page Single Spaced Typed
Aesthetic Philosophy
TYPE HALF A PAGE, SINGLE SPACED, ABOUT WHAT OVERALL QUALITIES YOU FIND PARTICULARLY BEAUTIFUL IN PHOTOGRAPHS. You do not have to talk about specific photographs in your essay, rather what you prefer in general in photographic images. Look at several photos on the sites in the "Online Photo Galleries" section below. Which ones do you find attractive/aesthetically pleasing? What do the photographs you find attractive have in common? Do they have lots of contrast? Or bright colors? Or dark colors? Or simple shapes? Or complicated backgrounds? Etc.



Commercial Photography

-Assignment (2 photos due 5/22/08)
-Examples: types of Commercial Photography

-Video: Art of Food Photography
-Video: Joel Satore, National Geographic Photographer


-Commercial Photo Group Presentation

-Working in a group, give a 5 minute presentation about a field of commercial photography
- You may use the internet and books (from the library or go to a book store)
- Answer the following questions in the presentation:

• what type of equipment is used (lenses, cameras, lights, etc)
• from start to finish, what is involved in this type of photo shoot
• any observations about what photos in this field have in common
•  reasons that the photographers make certain choices in this field
• any “tricks of the trade” that are used in that field

-TURN IN: Photography and Creative Writing -
choose any two photos from BLINDSPOT and write a full page story (single spaced) that incorporates both images. Grammar and spelling count!


Review so far

-Get into assigned groups and create
and information web for your assigned topic

You, the Artist

-Assignment Proposal Form (2 photos due 6/12/08)
-write a 1 page artist statement (for help: 1, 2, 3)
-create digital portfolio of your best 8 images of the semester. At least 6 need to be from past Photo 1 assignments.


Photoshop Skills:

Skills Assignment #8
-Create a photoshop collage based on a social issue
-DO RESEARCH on the issue!!! Use knowledged gained to design an informed and meaningful poster.
-Collage must be tasteful and have a serious message
-Digital effects must be flawless. Use all the tools you have learned this year to your advantage.



-Photo History Packet in class


MCAS Activities


-Stencil Instructions
-Stencil Examples


-2 Photo Research Sheets



Online Photo Galleries

As with all art in major museums and galleries, most work will be suitable for school viewing, but some will not. Please avoid any inappropriate art.












































































































































































































































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