Photo 2

Assignments and Due Dates

REVIEW - Peer Teaching

-The Photo Commandments in class
- ACTIVE CHOICES (Points of View)
- Artists Make Choices
- Analyzing Choices
-Composition Examples
-Light and Shadow Examples
-Tone and Value in Photos

Exploring Photographs

-Boxing Gym
-Egypts attempt to secure the border
-Robert Capas Lost Negatives
-Democratic Primary in SC
-Global Markets Plunge
-Racing in Bahrain
-This is Football

Intro to Using a Digital Camera


Family or Group Portraits due thur 2/7/08

-2 photos due, show depth, emotion, realtionships

-Examples Family

-Examples Bands

Shutter Speed and Aperture review

-Examples review

Readings in Photography 1

Ethics and Photography - the case of Jill Greenberg
-Examples of Greenbergs series "End Times"
-Reading 1: Jill Greenberg is a Sick Woman
-Reading 2: Greenberg's Response
-Video: ABC News



-Color Correction Examples
-Printing study guide in class
-Contrast and Exposure in Prints in class
-Judging a Test Strip in class

-Dave Hill Effect for Portraits or HERE

Directed Photos & Typologies due 2/26/08

Write a proposal
----2 Prints
Directed Photography
-Examples: Typologies


Readings in Photography 2

-The Photographer's Eye by John Szarkowski

Photojournalism due tue 3/11/08

-Photo Essay 1 (example)
-Photo Essay 2 (example)
-Photo Essay 3 (example)
-Bias in Reporting (video examples and discussion)
-Photojournalism Planning Session and Worksheet in class
-Learning From National Geographic in class
-Video: The Photographers (Nat. Geo.) in class
-Creating a Word Document with Photos in class

-Practice Interviewing: pair up with someone from class that is a different grade/gender than you. Interview them about any topic of your choice for 10 minutes and then write a short newspaper story that incorporates quotes and information from the interview. You may also do 5 minutes of internet research on the topic to add facts / details to the story.

Photoshop Skills

-Silhouettes and Text (handout)

Self-Portraits due tue 3/25/08

-Examples: self-portraits
-Examples: beyond simple self-portraits
-3 Point Studio Lighting in class
-in class demo - lighting in class
-Studio lighting - video, video 2,
-Planning Worksheet in class

Photoshop Skills 2
Advanced Burning and Dodging

-Tutorial and also here and non-destructive here

Advanced Techniques -
Panning, Night Photo, Long Exposures due fri 4/4/08

-group research - find info on techniques and present
-demo: painting with light in class

Manipulation and Installations in class

-Installation examples: 1, 2, 3, 4
Altered Books

An altered book is "any book, old or new that has been recycled by creative means into a work of art. They can be ... rebound, painted, cut, burned, folded, added to, collaged in, gold-leafed, rubber stamped, drilled or otherwise adorned..."

-How to make an altered book
-Great altered book site
-International Society of Altered Book Artists
------examples: 0 1 2 3 4

Advanced Level Project Proposal

- Photography 2 Project Proposal Form (revised)

examples of themed bodies of work:
-----Adi Lavy
-----Julian Montague
-----Denis Darzacq

-Bring in images every Tuesday or Wednesday til the end of the semester. Must have
8 stellar images by end of year in a portfolio of your best photographs.

-Personalized Research Links



Online Photo Galleries

As with all art in major museums and galleries, most work will be suitable for school viewing, but some will not. Please avoid any inappropriate art.



Photoshop Skills 3


Readings in Photography 3

- Terry Barrett's Categories

Concept and Meaning

-Assignment (ocean conservation or 4 themes)



Powerpoint Photo Presentations

-You will be doing a quick presentation later this quarter in class. The presentation will only be a 3-5 minutes long and you will have 3 days this quarter to work on it before it is due.

Field Trip - Street Photography



MCAS activities



-Stencil Instructions in class
-Stencil Examples


-2 Photo Research Sheets


































































































































































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