Photo 1

Unit 1 - intro

Unit 2 - shadows and light

Unit 3 - composition

Unit 4 - camera controls

Unit 5 - portraits

Unit 6 - aesthetics

Unit 7 - color

Unit 8 - commercial

Unit 9 - you the artist

  • examples 1 2 3 4 5
  • more ex. 6 7 8
  • proposal form
  • photo assign -1/6, -1/13
  • rubric
  • writing: c.s. script
  • digital skills 7:
    social issue / meaning
  • make portfolio of 8 best photos
  • study guide for exam

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M. Levin

What are we doing?

  • Taking beautiful photographs of normal or ugly objects, and glorifying plain objects.

Of those photos please turn in :

  • 1 photo that shows a BEAUTIFUL composition of an "ugly" thing.
    • this does not mean a photo of a beautiful thing. It does mean a beautiful picture.
  • 1 photo that GLORIFIES a plain or everyday object.
    • Glorify: To elevate or idealize, and cause to be more glorious or excellent than is actually the case
    • Use lighting, camera angle, composition, etc. to make an object look important


What should I turn in?

  • Two of the two photographs above
  • Aesthetic Philosophy Assignment: Look at several photos in the photo books or online (try the online photo galleries link). Which ones do you find attractive/aesthetically pleasing? What do the photographs you find attractive have in common? Do they have lots of contrast? Or bright colors? Or dark colors? Or simple shapes? Or complicated backgrounds? TYPE HALF A PAGE, SINGLE SPACED, ABOUT WHAT QUALITIES YOU FIND PARTICULARLY BEAUTIFUL IN PHOTOGRAPHS. Go into detail to explain your philosophy of what you think makes a beautiful photograph. You do not have to describe individual photos, rather you should talk about general thinks you like overall in photos.
  • We will have a class discussion (participation is for a grade) and each group will be assigned a question about aesthetics.

What should I make sure to do?

  • Make sure to turn off your flash, use your white balance, focus, and consider every object in the frame.


What should I think about?

  • Think about how you can use what you have already learned about shadows and light , and composition to help to make beautiful and ugly compositions. HOW DOES THE COMPOSITION MAKE THE PICTURE ATTRACTIVE OR UNATTRACTIVE? Think about COMPOSITION!!!!! Are you using any of the principles and elements of design? What about the camera angle and the focal length ? Is there clutter in your photograph? Are you being ACTI VE???



What should I do if I need help? .......Ask Ms. Epp!