“Notre Dame du Haut” Ronchamp, France, by Le Corbusier


What are we doing?

  • Creating a city together by each making a building.


What do we have to turn in/participate in? What will be graded?

1) Vocabulary Homework

2) Doc: America's Castles - Vanderbilts in Newport

3) Ceramic building
---3 inches = 1 storey
---can work in groups of two if building is at least 4 storeys
---use any of the following: coil, slabs, hump/slump, pinching

4) Participate in class critique and reflection


What should I make sure to do?

  • Create a piece that you like and fulfills the assignment
  • Slip and Score!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure the score marks are deep
  • DO NOT LET YOUR PIECE DRY OUT!!! – double wrap your piece each night
  • Use your craftsmanship skills to make the piece as perfect as possible
  • No cracks in the clay. Joints and seams should be smooth
    with no gaps
  • Glaze should be applied evenly (usually 2-3 coats)
  • Keep individual area and classroom clean
  • Come to class on time and work for entire class period


What should I think about?

  • Think about what you are trying to say with your building. Is it just “pretty”, or are you trying to tell the viewer something about your life or the world in general?
  • Think about every single part that you are including in the composition. Are you sure you want it to be there? Does it add to the final product or is it a distraction?


What should I do if I need help? ………………………Ask Ms. Epp.



































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