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Industrial Design

Unit 1 - intro

Unit 2 - lamp


Unit 3 - re-design


Unit 4 - furniture

Unit 5 - transportation

Unit 6 - solve problem

Unit 7 - adaptive



Unit 8 - History

Unit 9 - Refugee

Unit 10 - Public Buildings and Landscapes

Unit 11 - Wrap up

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"Who steals shopping carts? why do they steal them?

  • One of the biggest problems with shopping carts is theft.
  • When the Ideo team asked who steals shopping carts the logical answer is ..... homeless people.
  • When they asked supermarket employees why homeless people stole shopping carts the answer was ... to carry their belongings.
  • Sound's logical but there's a problem with this!
  • There are many more shopping carts stolen than there are homeless people.
  • Do they loose them?  Do they break often?  Do they upgrade??
  • The Ideo team looked deeper and found that there were scores of burnt shopping carts down by the river.
  • They found that homeless people used shopping carts as grills!!!
  • They didn't last long so they had to be replenished often.
  • The number one reason that shopping carts were stolen was to make grills!"