ID & Arch


Industrial Design

Unit 1 - intro

Unit 2 - lamp


Unit 3 - re-design


Unit 4 - furniture

Unit 5 - transportation

Unit 6 - solve problem

Unit 7 - adaptive



Unit 8 - History

Unit 9 - Refugee

Unit 10 - Public Buildings and Landscapes

Unit 11 - Wrap up

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Important Information about Grading!!!!


This class is about the WHOLE design process.

That means that even if you have the most amazing CAD drawing ever, if you do not complete the other parts of the project, you will recieve an F.


For each project you need to:

1) Identify the problem

2) Research the problem and existing solutions, and produce a "design brief" with text and images of your research.

3) Come up with 8 thumbnail and 3 rough sketches of ideas. Take into consideration all AESTHETIC and ERGONOMIC issues.

4) Pick the best (and consult with me about which is the best) and make 1 orthographic projection and isometric drawing of design.

5) Create CAD drawing of design (and maybe a real model)

6) Critique your design with the class and make changes. Take notes during the critique of your project

7) Present your finished design with an oral presentation and either a powerpoint or a poster


You will keep all of steps 1-6 in your PORTFOLIO FOLDER