ID & Arch


Industrial Design

Unit 1 - intro

Unit 2 - lamp


Unit 3 - re-design


Unit 4 - furniture

Unit 5 - transportation

Unit 6 - solve problem

Unit 7 - adaptive



Unit 8 - History

Unit 9 - Refugee

Unit 10 - Public Buildings and Landscapes

Unit 11 - Wrap up

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Choose and object that either has a design flaw or that you think could be improved in some way with a redesign. Bring that object to class.

Think about the object you brought from home or to chose one from your collection. It could be a kitchen utensil, a door, a chair, a pen, a toy or any other mass produced object. What is it supposed to do? Is it attractive? Does it make you want to use it? What are the problems?

What is it? Is it obvious what the object is or does?
Is it easy to understand how it works?
Does it work as expect? (Have them try it out.)
What would happen if the user used it incorrectly?
What visual clues does the object have about how to use it?


1) Divide a sheet a paper in half and make two lists. On one side list all the things the object does well--the things you like about it. On the other side, list the things the object does poorly--the things you dislike about it. Next, come up with some design solutions to that problem. Make sure you think about function AND aesthetic issues. Make it work better and look better.

2) Draw the original object in ProE. Then draw your redesigned object in ProE. Make sure you are constantly talking to other people in the class (and your teacher) about your ideas, and ask for their opinions.

adapted from http://www.alifetimeofcolor.com/main.taf?p=1,27