Hannah Collins

What are we doing?

  • Taking photographs that contain strong representations of the elements of design listed below
    • composition with LINES
    • composition with TEXTURE
    • composition with SHAPE
    • composition with POSITIVE and/or NEGATIVE SPACE
    • composition with REPETITION
    • Composition with CONTRAST (surface, value, pattern, etc.)


CHECKLIST: What should I turn in? What will be graded?

•  6 images that each show a different element of design

•  conference w/ Ms. Epp showing her all photos taken

•  Word doc illustrating all 6 of the above elements of design (no repeats) using photos from BLINDSPOT

•  completed “Photography History Packet


What should I make sure to do? What should I think about?

  • Make sure to use WHITE BALANCE and EXPOSURE COMPENSATION if needed. Also make sure that photo is in focus
  • Think about how you can use what you have already learned about shadows and light, to help to form elements in the composition.
  • Rule of thirds , balance , diagonal lines , curves,
    camera angle
    , focal length
  • Think about what you are trying to say with the photograph.
    Is it just “pretty”, or are you trying to tell the viewer something?


What should I do if I need help?

  • Ask Ms. Epp. Seriously ! That is what she is there for!



































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