Variety in Ceramics (through history)


Neolithic period, about 4500-4000 BC From Vinca, Serbia




Jomon (Japan) c. 2500 BC




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Halaf (now Iraq), c. 5,000 BCE




Painted vessel with bridge-spout

From the tomb of Sety I, Valley of the Kings, Egypt 19th Dynasty, around 1290 BC

Early Iron Age, about 1000-800 BC
Probably from Tepe Sialk, central Iran



Late Iron Age cremation burials in Britain





Egypt late Period 664-332 B.C.E.



Greek, Protocorinthian period, about 670-650 BC





Greek, about 540-530 BC





Roman, 4th-3rd century BC





Jalisco, West Mexico 300 BC - AD 300





Nasca culture (200 BC - AD 600)





Glazed pottery pond with figures

China Eastern Han dynasty (AD 6-220)




China, Tang Dynasty, Lokapala 618-907 AD





Korea Unified Silla dynasty, 7th-9th century AD




From north-eastern China Liao dynasty, 10th-11th century AD






Syria Late 13th century AD






Ottoman Empire, AD 1549 (Modern Turkey)




The Medici Valencian vase
Valencia, Spain, probably Manises, around AD 1465-92





Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, southern China Ming dynasty, Yongle period (AD 1403-25)


From Isfahan, Iran Second half of the 17th century AD




Chelsea factory, London, England, 1750s





Derby factory, England, around AD 1775



Anti-slavery medallion, by Josiah Wedgwood England, AD 1787
'Am I not a man and a brother?'

Thomas Mellor for Minton & Co.
Stoke-on-Trent, England, AD 1879

Hopi, 19th century (new Mexico)






Rozenburg Factory
The Hague, Holland, AD 1899




Walter Crane Pilkington, Clifton Junction, Manchester, England, AD 1906

Henry van de Velde, made by Meissen
Dresden, Germany, AD 1903-4






Lurangu, Sudan, 20th century AD




Igbo, probably late 19th century AD, Nigeria




Ganda, late 19th - early 20th century AD, Uganda




'Town and Country' dinnerware, designed by Eva Zeisel
Minnesota, United States of America, designed AD 1945-46, produced from AD 1947

Viktor Schreckengost Jazz Bowl, about 1930




Magdalene Odundo, (born 1950) ceramic vessel, 2000





Walker, Jason Playing With Fire: Dumb Bomb Revisited 2004




Wayne Fischer, 2003


Michael Geertsen 2004



Rudy Autio 2000


Bodil Manz, 2004



Michael Lucero, Elf, Ceramic and Fiber, 2004




Eva Hild 2002




Jack Earl, Stoneman Smiling, 2003



John Mason, 1997

Rick Dillingham 1987


Christine McHorse 2001




Marc Leuthold, Us-Nippon Dyad 2004



Ryota Aoki, Japan, for Luxury


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