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The policy for Ms. Epp’s Photo classes is:

  • Photos are due only on the official due date


  • Photos are to be digitally turned into the assignment folder on the Y drive. The folder will be locked at the end of the day the photos are due and no further files will be able to be added after that.


  • Photos turned in on any date after that will receive a grade of 0.


  • All photos for an assignment MUST be taken during the 2 weeks prior for that assignment. You cannot use photos that you have taken before you were in class or that were taken in class during another assignment.


  • you have about 4 photo assignments a quarter, and they are worth 50% of your grade. Even missing one assigment can bring your grade down drastically.

The only exceptions to the above policy are that the due date falls on a "drop day" and will then be due the following day, or that you have an excused absence on the due date. Then photographs are due the first day you return to class.

Excuses such as “I forgot my camera”, “My camera was out of batteries”, I did not have time to do the assignment”, “I could not get a camera to check out” are NOT valid.

If you need to check out a camera from school, make sure you do it well ahead of the due date.