Using CafePress

1) go to this Cafe Press page and register for an account

2) go through registration process (make sure you use 4 numbers for your year of birth) and choose to have a FREE BASIC account.

3) once your shop has been created, choose BUILD YOUR SHOP

4) choose the orange ADD A PRODUCT button

5) under the box that says NO PRODUCT IMAGE click on SELECT IMAGE

6) click on orange UPLOAD NEW IMAGE button

7) click BROWSE, choose your file, and then click "I agree to terms..."

note: file must be a JPG or JPEG. while in Illustrator, click SAVE FOR WEB, and make sure that you are saving the image as a JPG. In Photoshop, click SAVE AS and choose a JPEG.

8) click DONE and follow through process of picking a product upon which to put the design.





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