To add ornament so as to adorn. To add decorative elements.

What are we doing?

  • Taking simple letters and adding decorative elements and details
    • Start by choosing a word that has at least six letters. You can use your
      name if you would like.
    • Chose a basic font to use from the options you have in Illustrator.
    • Go to CREATE OUTLINES so that you can edit each letter individually
  • Choose decorative elements that help to:
      • create a mood based on the meaning of the word
      • further enhance the viewers' understanding of the meaning of the word
      • express things about your own personality, if you are using your own name.
  • Things to make sure to do:
    • make sure font, colors, placement, and details all work together to convey meaning
    • make active use of positive and negative space in the letters and overall design
    • think about layering and overlapping. Choose which letters/elements should come forward and which should recede backwards.
    • incorporate the Principles and Elements of Design to create a stronger image
    • don't forget about the pathfinder tools!



CHECKLIST: What should I turn in /participate in? What will be graded?

  • 2 initial sketches in sketchbook
  • The final design
  • Class Critique/Reflection
  • Classroom citizenship (attitude, effort, clean-up)


What should I make sure to do? What should I think about?

  • Think about what kinds of shapes, colors, and lines would be best to express
    the meaning of the word.
  • Check the rubric again to really review what I expect from you in your designs.
  • Make sure that you are in control, not the computer. Have reasons for the design
    looking the way it does. Go in and re-do or change areas if needed. There is
    no need to rush. It is quality over quantity.



What should I do if I need help?

Ask Ms. Epp. That is what she is there for!



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