What are we doing?

  • Designing a book jacket (front cover, spine, back cover) for a
    biography / autobiography of your life.

  • The requirements:
      • Can be in Illustrator or Photoshop
      • size minimum: 13 inches wide, 8 inches tall
      • must include
        • title of biography/autobiography (and subtitle if needed) on front cover
        • authors name on front cover
        • title and author on spine
        • quotes of reviews on back
        • barcode on back
        • Summery/teaser paragraphs on back
        • extra credit: publisher logo


  • Things to think about:
    • font, colors, placement, and details all work together to convey meaning about your life
    • active use of positive and negative space in the overall design
    • incorporate the Principles and Elements of Design to create a stronger image



  • Also consider :
    • An attractive cover design visually conveys a book's message and can generate feelings of excitement and anticipation for discovering further adventures or insights. This not only allows the author a greater sense of pride but can generate the all important book sales. An engaging cover will create positive feelings and "BUY" emotion
    • Your book only has a few seconds to attract reader, retailer and reviewer attention; make sure it's your book they're choosing.
    • Consumers buy with their eyes, so a well designed cover gives your book more value. If you plan on setting a price that is in line with the current market, your book must satisfy that value in order to sell. Your target market will be looking for a well designed book cover.
    • How long do you spend over each book in a store? Readers look at the spine, front cover and back cover before promptly making the decision to buy. All this in only minutes!
    • A reviewer can appraise a certain number of books at a time and guess what they choose? Books with interesting and well designed covers! These have a much better chance of being actually read by a reviewer.*





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