Client List

Name: Broadleaf Inc.

Type of Business: Environmental Disaster Clean-Up

Contact Info: 45 W. Hazer St., Bellingham OR, 93850, 555-837-4927

Additional Info: Provides hazardous material clean-up to gas and oil companies. Wants a "clean" and "modern" design.

Name: Bridge Communications

Type of Business: Internet and Phone Provider

Contact Info: 800 Jasper Rd., Joliet, IL 60933, 555-731-9000

Additional Info: Smaller company looking to grow and compete with the major communication companies. Cares about projecting a "professional" look.

Name: Starlight Consultants

Type of Business: provides job training advice for stay-at-home moms that are
returning to the workforce.

Contact Info: 114 Eastern Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11304, 555-432-0909

Additional Info: A non-profit organization that cares about an "upbeat" and "caring" look.

Name: Armstrong Movers

Type of Business: Boston-based moving company

Contact Info: 44 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 01456, 555-997-9977

Additional Info: Company formed only 2 years ago, but want to look like they have been around for decades.

Name: Lakeside Real Estate

Type of Business: Vacation home sales and rentals in Wisconsin

Contact Info: 78 Fir Tree Rd, Devil's Lake, WI 74629, 555-233-3000

Additional Info: Only deals with luxury real estate valued at over a million dollars.

Name: Regal Furniture

Type of Business: Discount furniture company

Contact Info: 100 Tama Way, Cedar Rapids, IA 54330, 555-455-6200

Additional Info: Makes big overstuffed sofas with less expensive materials. Would like to appear like they are a higher-end company.

Name: The Gemini Company

Type of Business: Financial Investors

Contact Info: 45 Wall Street, New York, NY 10011, 555-330-3000

Additional Info: Been in business for over 100 years. Third largest Financial Planning companies in the US. Would like to start a national advertising campaign in order to steal clients away from the top 2 firms.

Name: The Tea House Cafe

Type of Business: Coffee, Tea, and Pastries

Contact Info: 77 Harkin St, Baltimore, MD 34056, 555-301-4321

Additional Info: Small local company. Business has gone down since a Starbucks has moved into the area. Would like a logo redesign to catch people's attention as they drive by.

Name: Songbird Bakery

Type of Business: Bakery that specializes in wedding cakes

Contact Info: 9023 Tilton Ave, Miami, FL 55230, 555-311-2300

Additional Info: Known for its beautiful cakes covered in edible flowers.

Name: Metro Jewelers

Type of Business: Modern simple platinum jewelry and watches

Contact Info: 2121 Astro Rd, Houston, TX 73209, 555-776-4040

Additional Info: Company is being handed down from father to son, and son wants a brand new more "current" look for the corporate identity.

Name: Sunday Landscaping

Type of Business: Large landscaping company

Contact Info: 52 Pratt Lane, Brookside, CT 20233, 555-312-3243

Additional Info: Company has grown from a small local company to a huge statewide company in about 5 years. Specializes in organic gardens. Would like an "earthy" look to their visual identity.

Name: Rise Healthcare

Type of Business: Medical Insurance Company

Contact Info: 88 Gropius St., Cleveland, OH 44290, 555-663-1000

Additional Info: After a recent financial scandal, wants customers to "trust" and feel good about their insurance company

Name: 3 Point Athletics

Type of Business: Sportsware Company

Contact Info: 90 W. Madison, Chicago, IL 60505, 555-708-8000

Additional Info: Likes to use newly drafted NBA players in their ads. Wants to appear to be "younger" and more "urban" than Nike or the other large athletic companies.

Name: Stone & Sons Construction

Type of Business: Residential Construction Company

Contact Info: 3114 Park Rd., Montgomery, AL 52111, 555-365-6500

Additional Info: Builds mostly public and private schools. Prides itself on being an affordable choice for school districts.

Name: Tornado Inc.

Type of Business: Video Game Designers

Contact Info: 50 Oak St. Washington DC, 30012, 555-606-6000

Additional Info: Designs first person military action games based on
the US armed forces actual training methods.

Name: Wags Pet Resort

Type of Business: Doggie daycare and overnight boarding

Contact Info: 7540 Briar Patch Way, Tempe, AZ 88904, 555-255-6400

Additional Info: Upscale doggie daycare that provides one-on-one playtime, grooming, and massage services for canine-americans.



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