What are we doing?

  • Identifying a niche market (write answers in sketchbook)
    • " In advertising terminology, niche market refers to a group of consumers sharing a common background, interests and consequently buying habits. The commonality may be age, race, hobbies, sports, gender, or any feature which creates a recognizable and quantifiable preferences that result in spending patterns and habits. The successful marketing campaign is one which effectively speaks to the interests of the individuals in a particular group and capitalizes on those interest in order to sell them something they want or need." from
  • Creating a profile of consumers in that niche market (write answers in sketchbook)
    • What do the consumers have in common?
      • While there is diversity in all groups, is there a majority in terms of
        • age, gender, location
      • Income level of the consumers
      • What are the spending habits of the consumers
      • Hobbies and interests of the consumers
      • Other important information about the consumers
  • Researching the competition (write answers and paste pictures in sketchbook)
    • Identify other companies selling to the niche market
    • Print out some of their images and put in sketchbook
    • Based on the images, identify several trends in the market
  • Designing your own products for the market (first sketch in sketchbook, then design digitally)
    • at least 3 t-shirt designs
    • based on your research
    • based on your own ideas
  • Making items available for sale on
    • when designing, make sure you adhere to image size requirements of cafepress
      • for Illustrator: make sure you create a document that is 2000x2000 px.
      • for Photoshop: make sure the image size is 10x10 in. at 200 dpi
      • for more info, click here



CHECKLIST: What should I turn in /participate in? What will be graded?

  • All above information in sketchbook
  • The three digitally created designs
  • Class Critique/Reflection
  • Classroom citizenship (attitude, effort, clean-up)


What should I make sure to do? What should I think about?

  • Make sure that your designs fit the niche YET are unique enough that consumers will buy your product over your competitors.
  • Identify trends in the niche, but think of ways to change or go beyond the trends.
  • Make sure that you are in control, not the computer. Have reasons for the design looking the way it does. Go in and re-do or change areas if needed. There is no need to rush.



What should I do if I need help?

Ask Ms. Epp. That is what she is there for!



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