(some) Principles and Elements of Design


Digital Sketch Exercises





1) Read the packet illustrating some of the principles & elements of design



2) You will pick one object and do the following exercises using only that object:

Line drawings (draw object with 3 different types of lines)







b. Value (draw object using 3 different ways to show value)






c. Positive & Negative Space (use cropping &rotation & placement to show
positive and negative space in 3 ways)






d. Layering (layer multiple objects and change transparency to create 3 different compositions)






e. Repetition (repeat object at least 6 times in 3 different compositions. Make some changes to objects to create visual interes. Try to create MOVEMENT by placing images so that the eye moves around the the picture)






f. Color (pick one of your sketches above and make MONOCHROMATIC, ANALOGOUS, and COMPLEMENTARY color versions.)
Examples Here










•  You can use

•  Lines/shapes/paths in Illustrator

•  Type in Illustrator

•  Any combination of above

•  I am looking for: creativity, effort, work ethic, behavior/attitude, how well it shows the concept, and how far you push yourself past the easy or most obvious answer.




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