Shaped Type


What are we doing?

  • Creating an image made of shaped type, must be at least 30 words.
    • Can add up to 4 simple lines/shapes. These should NOT be the focus of the piece
    • Must use at least 10 layers in Illustrator
    • can use: type on a path, type in a shape, rotation/alteration, envelope shaped


  • For the text, you can use:
    • lyrics from a song you like
    • poem by an established author from this site (adds 2 points)
    • poem, journal entry, short story, or lyrics by YOU (adds 4 points)


  • Shaped type must convey meaning to match the words
    • Literal or abstracted interpretation



CHECKLIST: What should I turn in /participate in? What will be graded?

  • Project file saved in "turn in" folder on the server
  • 4 sketches in sketchbook for this project
  • Class Critique/Reflection
  • Classroom citizenship (attitude, effort, clean-up)


What should I make sure to do? What should I think about?

  • Make sure that your type has MOVEMENT. It should lead your eye around the page.
  • Think about your WHITE is just as important as the type. Do not let it be leftover space. Have a plan of how you can activate it.
  • Go beyond the obvious literal meaning of the words. Please no love songs shaped like a heart. Think about the way the words make you feel, or the rhythm of the words.
  • Think about what is unique about your design



What should I do if I need help?

Ask Ms. Epp. That is what she is there for!



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