Shapes in Illustrator

What are we doing?

  • Creating 3 different kinds of objects using Illustrator 10
  • Of those shapes you must include:
    • 1 shape that is either punching, joining, or repetition (use pathfinder tools)
    • 1 pattern, either random or structured.
    • 1 shape that is an exact copy of one of the shapes you did on paper



CHECKLIST: What should I turn in /participate in? What will be graded?

  • Print-out of the above shapes made in Illustrator
  • The shapes that you made by hand on paper
  • Class Critique/Reflection
  • Classroom citizenship (attitude, effort, clean-up)


What should I make sure to do? What should I think about?

  • Make sure that your shapes are visually INTERESTING and COMPLEX. Do not go for the easiest shape. Really work with the shapes to refine them.
  • Make sure that you are in control, not the computer. Have reasons for the shape looking the way it does. Go in and re-do or change areas if needed. There is no need to rush.
  • Gradients and stylized brushstrokes can looks super cheesy and very 90's. Avoid in almost all cases. Use filters/effects in moderation.
  • Think about what is unique about your shapes/patterns.



What should I do if I need help?

Ask Ms. Epp. That is what she is there for!



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