How Do I Grade Your Photographs?

Things I take into consideration when grading your photographs:


Do all the objects/shapes/forms in the photo add to the photo? Is there unnecessary clutter? Is the framing of the picture the one that fits the subject/mood of the photo best?

Focus, is the photo sharp as it should be, or fuzzy from lack of focus?

Exposure, like the 3 bears, is the exposure too dark, too light, or juuuust right? (bright whites, deep blacks, and with a full range of different gray tones in between).

If a shutter speed below 60 is used, was a tripod used? Or is the whole picture blurry?

Angles, are you always shooting at eye level, or are you experimenting with angles, using the best one for your picture.

Lighting, did you just accept what lighting was there, or did you wait for better lighting or change the lighting using lamps/etc. Did you use lighting to create mood/meaning for your photograph?

Zoom/distance, is the subject a distance away from the camera that best suits it? Have you used wide angle/zoom to add mood/meaning to the photograph?

Did you try to show the world in a new way with your photograph? Have you created a photograph that would make a person walking by stop and look?

How well does the photograph fit with the assignment. Is it a good example of the assignment or does it not have much to do with what was assigned?

Did you do the assignment by the due date? Do you take pictures of the most obvious or accessible subjects, or do you go out of your way to take a great picture? Do you go about your assignments with a positive or negative attitude?






































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