Showing your Ideas Visually


When artists communicate their thoughts and feelings, they often do not make a replica or photorealistic copy of their specific idea.

Instead, they will use the elements and principals of design (line, shape, form, space, direction, size, texture, color, value, balance, unity, repetition, harmony, contrast, and dominance) as well as sculptural and decorative elements in order to create a mood or to reference concepts or situations.

Here are some examples of some creative approaches to communicating ideas and emotions. Each of these objects could be based on a pinched pot or pod.


Catrin Mostyn Jones


Claudia Tarantino


Claudia Tarantino


Cho Chung-hyon, Korea, 1994


Geoffrey Wheeler


Cyprus 1650 BC


Katie Wilcock


Cyprus 2000 BC


Linda Lighton


Deccan Indian 12th Century AD


Michael Beecher


Egypt 3rd Century BC


Michael Lucero


Michael Lucero


Etruscan 340 BC


Sue Jenkins


Etruscan 625 BC


Tom Bartel


Julie Byrne


Kutahya, Turkey, 1510 AD


Ruth Elizabeth Jones


Bernadette Curran


Bernadette Curran


Bernadette Curran























































































































































































































































































































































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