Is it Art?

(is it good art?)



Marcel Duchamp

In 1915 Duchamp began doing his "readymades" found objects he chose and presented as art. Fountain, the urinal signed with the pseudonym R. Mutt, that shocked the art world in 1917 was selected in 2004 as "the most influential artwork of the 20th century" by 500 of best known professionals people in the British art world.




Donald Judd



Ad Reinhardt



Damien Hirst



Cy Twombly



Pablo Picasso



Rachel Whiteread
(above: book shelves, below: house)



Andy Warhol



Carl Andre



Andy Goldsworthy



On Kawara

Since 1966 , Kawara has made a long series of "date paintings" (the Today series), which consist entirely of the date on which the painting was executed in simple white lettering set against a solid background.



Sophie Calle
In Suite Vénitienne, Calle secretly follows a man through Venice while taking notes and photographing him.



Lee Mingwei

When Lee Mingwei writes a grant application, he always hesitates before filling in the section that asks what medium he works in. Most artists are able to answer, "metal," "stone," "oils," or "mixed media." Lee's medium is people.

For example, in "The Dining Project," he cooked a meal and then shared it with one museum visitor chosen daily by lottery. In "The Letter Writing Project," he constructed three Zen-inspired pavilions of wood and translucent glass in which visitors were asked to write a letter in the spirit of the space. In "The Sleeping Project," a stranger, again chosen by lottery, spent the night with the artist, sleeping in twin beds in a spare, specially designed space.





It's Worth How Much?



(up for auction, valued at 40 million dollars)



Willem de Kooning
Sold for 137.5 million dollars in 2006




Jackson Pollack, No. 5, 1948
Sold for 140 million dollars in 2006





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