Monuments and Memorials

What are we doing?

  • Working in groups of 2-4 to plan, design, and build a model for a monument or memorial
  • Submitting a proposal that includes:
    • A finished brainstorming worksheet
    • A final blueprint done first in pencil, then in ink/marker and colors
  • Creating a model of your monument or memorial set in the location you have chosen


What should we make sure to do?

  • Make choices/decisions about form and surface to tell the view about the idea of the monument or memorial
  • Work together as a team, with each member helping at each stage of planning, designing, and building


What should we thing about?

  • Think about what is important about the cause for which you are creating a monument or memorial. How can you express those ideas visually?
  • Think about three dimensional COMPOSITION (how you arrange everything together)!!!
  • Are you using materials that help convey the idea of the monument or memorial?
  • Does the form , surface texture , shapes , and colors used help convey the idea?


What should we do if we need help? Ask Ms. Epp!!!!



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