Supply List for Photography Class


The school supplies all film, photo paper, and developing chemicals.

You must provide the following:

1) a functioning 35mm SLR camera (with manual aperture, shutter speed, and focus controls. Ideally the camera should also have a built-in light meter)

2) a three ring binder, lined notebook paper, and at least one pocket (you will be keeping all your negatives, notes, and handouts in this binder and needs to be used only for photography class)

3) a separate journal/sketchbook (with blank unlined paper)

4) a pencil, a fine point Sharpie/permanent marker, and a gluestick

5) a work shirt or apron (as photography chemicals can stain clothing)

6) a washcloth or hand towel (to help keep hands dry in the darkroom)

7) internet access (at home, school, or the library)

8) three old magazines that have at least a fair amount of photographs or images in them (could be Time magazine, fashion magazines, Newsweek, sports magazines, home and garden magazines, outdoor magazines, etc.)















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