Man Ray

What are we doing?

  • Learning how to use an enlarger to expose pieces of photo paper
  • Demonstrating that you can make a test strip
  • Exploring 4 kinds of composition


What do we have to turn in?

  • 4 photograms
    • A photogram that shows a RADIAL composition
    • A photogram that shows a DIAGONAL composition
    • A photogram that shows a SYMMETRICAL composition
    • A photogram that shows an ASYMMETRICAL composition
  • 4 test strips (one for each photogram)
  • 4 assessment sheets


What should I make sure to do?

  • Remember, objects must be transparent or translucent for light to go through them. If you use opaque objects (that will turn out completely white in the finished image) the object should have an interesting shape or outline. No messy, liquid or powdery objects.
  • Make sure to make a test strip for each composition. You need to choose the time where the background is pure deep black, but the objects show a range of value from white to dark gray.
  • Make sure to insert a negative carrier in the enlarger, put the paper
    through all of the steps of the developing process, and follow all clean up procedures.


What should I think about?

  • Think about every single object you are including in the composition. Are you sure you want it to be there? Does it add to the final product or is it a distraction?
  • Think about what you are trying to say with the photogram. Is it just “pretty”, or are you trying to tell the viewer something about your life or the world in general?
  • How do you want the viewers eye to move around the photogram? Think about focal points.


What should I do if I need help? ………………………Ask me!



































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