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Assignments and Due Dates

Final Project

-Write a proposal for your individual idea for the final project

----2 Prints
Directed Photography
-Examples: Typologies

Commercial Photography

----2 Prints
-Examples: types of Commercial Photography

-Group Presentation


----2 Prints
-Examples: self-portraits
-Examples: beyond simple self-portraits
-3 Point Studio Lighting in class
-Planning Worksheet in class
-Stencil Instructions in class
-Stencil Examples


----2 Prints Thur. 3/16/06


----Develop Film Tue. 2/6/06
----2 Prints Thur. 2/27/06

-Photo Essay 1 (example)
-Photo Essay 2 (example)
-Photo Essay 3 (example)
-Bias in Reporting (video examples and discussion)
-Photojournalism Planning Session and Worksheet in class
-Learning From National Geographic in class
-Documentary: The Photographers (Nat. Geo.) in class
-Creating a Word Document with Photos in class


----Develop Film Tue. 1/4/06
----2 Prints Thur. 1/12/06
-Same Celebrity, Different Look
-Posing Models to Express Personality
-Documentary: Richard Avedon in class 1/12/06


----2 Prints Thur. 12/22/05
-Plain Vs. Glorified
-Aesthetic Discussion Questions in class Mon. 12/5/05
-American Photography: A Century of Images 2 in class


-----2 Prints Mon. 12/5/05

-Photo History Packet Mon. 12/5/05
-American Photography: A Century of Images Sheet in class

Light and Shadows

----2 Prints and Contact sheet Thur. 11/10/05
----Value Painting Thur. 11/10/05
----Tone and Value in Photography

-Printing study guide in class
-Contrast and Exposure in Prints in class
-Judging a Test Strip in class
-The Photo Commandments in class

Shutter Speed and Aperture

-Word Problems in class
-----1 Print Tues. 10/25/05
-----Contact sheet and conference Wed. 11/3/05
-2 Photo Research Sheets Wed. 9/28/05
-Study Guide in class


-Assignment Thurs. 9/29/05

Artists Make Choices
Analyzing Choices in class


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