From photographs found in the photography books available in the classroom, or that you find online, answer the following questions.


1. Make a simple sketch of the photograph, indicating shape, value, and composition (1-5 pts)

2. Write which part of the current assignment this photograph exemplifies (5 pts)

3. Write the name of the book and the page number for the photograph, or the url of the image (5 pts)

4. Write down the name of the photographer, the date, and any other information - if available (5 pts)

5. Write down the settings of the aperture, shutter speed, film speed, and focal length if available. If not listed, make an educated guess about what they may be and why you think that (1-15 pts)

6. List facts, not opinions, of what is included in the photograph. Include objects, shapes, colors, details, etc. that are in the photograph (1-5 pts)

7. How does this photograph fulfill the requierments of your assignment; be specific and give details (1-5 pts)

8. Evaluate the following: (1-5 pts each)
- use of light
-point of view/camera angles
-composition (how the things in the image are arranged)

9. What does this photograph say? What do youthink the photographer is telling the viewer? (1-20 pts)

10. How does the photograph make you feel? What is your opinion about it? Explain why you feel that way (1-20 pts)

11. extra credit - write a brief biography of the photographer






















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