Evaluation Sheet


What I will be looking for: presentation contains all the required items/information, poster is clean and neat, collage is creative, information in the presentation is well organized, spelling and grammar of text is accurate, presentation shows understanding of concepts or topics being depicted in the images, and that the final result represents your full potential. The oral presentation must be well organized and rehearsed.

_________ 5 images by photographer included (10 pts)

_________ 1 page biography (12 pt, typed, single spaced) (20 pts)

_________ ½ page evaluation of an image (12 pt, typed, single spaced) (20 pts)

_________ 8x10 collage based on visual/conceptual themes of the work (10 pts)

_________ craftsmanship of poster (10 pts)

_________ oral presentation (20 pts)

_________ effort and attitude (10 pts)


_________ total = _________ (final grade)


90-100 or "A" = Exemplary work in every meaningful way. (you did WAY more than just fulfill the requirement)

80-89 or "B" = Work is above average and as such fulfills all the requirements and more. (you did more than the requirement)

70-79 or "C" = Competent work, average output, fulfills minimum requirements. (you only did the requirements)

55-69 or "D" = Poor work, poor effort, lacks skills or creativity, little effort put into improving the work, bellow average. (you barely fulfill the requirements)

54 and below or "F" Unacceptable in all areas. (you did not fulfill the requirements)




























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