Hiroshi Watanabe

What are we doing?

  • Being both Art Director and Photographer. Setting up different photoshoots and taking several portraits of ONE person.

Of those photos please turn in:

  • 2 photographs of the SAME person that show very different personalities or moods.
    • Change: Hair, make-up, clothing, props, lighting, background, location, angles, distance from the camera, framing, etc. BE AN ACTIVE PHOTOGRAPHER!!
    • Try to set up scenes that convey very different moods or feelings. For example: innocent, mysterious, humorous, serious, playful, angry, energetic, depressed, dignified, loving, somber, etc.



What should I make sure to do?

  • Plan ahead and think about each aspect of the set up. Think about what lighting creates what kind of mood. Same with every other aspect of the photograph.
  • Make sure to use WHITE BALANCE and EXPOSURE COMPENSATION if needed. Also make sure that photo is in focus
  • Think about THE WHOLE FRAME!!!!! Are you using any of the principles and elements of design ? What about the camera angle and the focal length ? Is there clutter in your photograph? Are you being ACTIVE???
  • Rule of thirds , balance , diagonal lines , curves,
    camera angle, focal length


What should I think about?

  • How lighting affects mood. Think about DIFFUSED and DIRECTIONAL lighting.
  • How can you visually show someone's personality. How can you make them look like they have different personalities? What do you need to charge to accomplish this?
  • Think about what you are trying to say with the photograph.
    Is it just “pretty”, or are you trying to tell the viewer something?


What should I do if I need help? ………………………Ask me!






































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