Steps for Relief Assignment

Before You Work with the Clay

•  Collect at least 3 images to help you in creating your relief scene. Sketch different two different versions, and then choose one to make

While Clay is Wet

•  Cut a base out of a slab of clay. Make sure your piece is 7x7 if flat, or comparable size if a vessel or object.

•  Smooth out surface completely all over piece. Use craftsmanship skills to make piece perfect.

•  Add lumps of clay to build up the base of the design. It is ok to add too much, because you can always carve it away later.

•  Make sure you double check with the proportions on your source images.

•  DOUBLE WRAP YOUR PIECE don't let it dry out.

While Clay is Stiffer

•  Start using wooden tools to carve away major shapes and levels

•  Use plastic and metal tools to refine relief and add details

•  Clean up entire piece to make it perfect.

•  Wrap your piece so that it doesn't dry out too much.



While Clay is in the Leather Hard

•  Apply underglazes neatly to your piece. You might want to simplify your colors and use a contrasting color for the background to enhance the 3D aspects of your piece. Use masking techniques to avoid sloppy underglaze application.

•  Turn in piece ( it will be bisque fired, then you will apply clear glaze, and then it will be glaze fired)

































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