Steps for Assignment and Grading

Before You Work with the Clay

•  Choose a shape of bowl you want to make (circle, oval, square, rectangle) and make a collage that fits in that shape. Collage can be a design/pattern or a scene

While Clay is Wet

•  Line a slump/hump mold (one from class or one you bring from home) with thin plastic

•  Roll out slab and then drape slab into mold

•  Completely smooth clay with damp sponge, fingers, and metal/wooden/plastic ribs.

While Clay is Leather Hard

•  Trim edge of bowl neatly

•  Remove clay from mold and completely smooth other side

•  Paint on 2-3 coats of underglazes based on design from collage

•  Use sgraffito tool to add white outlines and shading to parts of design

•  Add feet to piece to raise bowl at least 1 inch from table. Remember to score and slip.


While Clay is in the Greenware Stage

•  Turn in piece ( it will be bisque fired, then you will apply clear glaze, and then it will be glaze fired)

What you are graded on:

-collage is neat, interesting, and within the outline on the paper
-smoothness of bowl
-even thickness of bowl
-neatly trimmed edges
-underglaze applied evenly
-sgraffito lines are clean
-feet are applied well and based on images in collage
-creativity and experimentation
-citizenship (attitude, effort, clean up, steady work habits)































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