Slab Assignment

Catrin Mostyn Jones


What are we doing?

  • Making ceramic objects out of slabs that have at least 2 principles or elements of art incorporated into the design.


What do we have to turn in/participate in?

  • Sketches:
    • At least 5 sketches of different FORMS with SURFACE DESIGN/COLORS
  • Finished object
    • size is at least 4 " by 4" by 4" (no smaller)
    • use at least 3 separate slabs (or more if you want)
    • use PIERCING, RELIEF, and/or IMPRESSING to make designs on your piece
    • chose 2 principles/elements of art to use for design
        • line
        • texture
        • shape
        • positive/negative space
        • repetition
        • contrast
  • Participate in class critique and reflection


What should I make sure to do?

  • Create a piece that you like and fulfills the assignment
  • Slip and Score!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure the score marks are deep
  • Experiment with form and surface
  • Go beyond a basic box shape
  • No cracks in the clay
  • Smooth surface first! Even if you add roughness or a surface pattern or texture later.
  • Joints and seams should be smooth with no gaps
  • Glaze should be applied evenly (usually 2-3 coats)

What should I think about?

  • Think about what you are trying to say with the photogram. Is it just “pretty”, or are you trying to tell the viewer something about your life or the world in general?
  • Think about every single part that you are including in the composition. Are you sure you want it to be there? Does it add to the final product or is it a distraction?
  • Do you want to make a functional object, or a non-functional one.


What should I do if I need help? ………………………Ask Ms. Epp :)






































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