Terry Barrett's Categories of Photography



Image of laser eye surgery
Laser Eye Surgery
This is a picture that was taken not only to document a laser eye surgery, but also to help in reshaping the cornea during the surgery.


David LaChapelle Beauty Pagent, Brooklyn, NY, 1996
This image documents and explains an event, but doesn't make a specific statement about it politically or ethically.

Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, 1998
This image is a “directed” photograph. It would not have existed without the photographer creating it.



Emmit Gowin
Subsidence Craters in Area 7, Looking North West, Nevada Test Site
This is a beautiful photograph on its own, but it also documents the way that nuclear tests impact the environment, therefore it has political content.


Alvin Langdon Coburn, The Octopus, 1912
This photograph is not about the sidewalks per se, but about the pattern and shapes that are created by the sidewalks.


Adam Fuss, Journey
This image harkens back to the photograms of Fox Talbot and Man Ray. Adam Fuss often goes back to traditional methods, but interprets them in a completely modern way.


































































































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