Creating a Word Document with Photos

•  open Microsoft Word

•  go to FILE -> PAGE SETUP

•  change top/bottom/left/right margins to .6

•  go to FORMAT -> COLUMNS

•  select TWO columns and click OK

•  open whatever source you have for your article. Then COPY and PASTE the text from your article. Make sure it is all 12 point font and either arial or new times roman .

•  create a headline for your article and make it at least 18 point font . Then press return and put “ by (your name)” in 10 point font. Then press return again so that there is a space before your article begins.


•  select the text of your article and go to the justify button

•  SAVE your document as “(your name) p j project”

•  go to http://www.thinkartmakeart.com/pj/ and in the first of your photos. Right click and copy your image.

•  go back to your word document and paste the image

•  click on image and picture tool box should come up. Click on the dog with the lines behind it (text wrapping) and choose TIGHT

•  move your image around to create a good layout. You can change the size of the picture some by dragging the small boxes at the corners of the photo.

•  SAVE your document and then go back to step 10 for your other 2 images

•  SAVE document and email it to Ms. Epp at thinkartmakeart@comcast.net

•  PRINT document



© 2005